August 25 – 31, 2023Vol. 25, No. 11

A New Parking Lot for Belgrade Lakes Village

Belgrade Lakes Self Storage — the future site of a public parking lot to serve visitors to Belgrade Lakes Village.

It’s a vision come true for Belgrade Lakes Village: more parking for shoppers, walkers, event-goers and folks who aren’t sure they want to get the squeeze from 18-wheelers.

It’s a mission accomplished for the Friends of Belgrade Lakes Village who have spent several years and many meetings enhancing the downtown with brick sidewalks, lampposts, benches and bike racks and seeking a parking lot site.

Two weeks ago the vision and the mission became reality. The Friends put the lot at 32 Main Street (in back of the Village Green) — currently with a storage unit building on site — under contract to close January 31, 2024 and are ready to start work February 1.

They hope to have the new parking lot ready for next summer. It’s an addition to the village for everyone to enjoy, thanks to the Friends for Belgrade Lakes Village.

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