July 7 – 13, 2023Vol. 25, No. 4

Sara Friedman as Nora and Dave Register as Dusty in Heightened, one of the seven Maine feature films being shown at this year's Maine International Film Festival. More

On the Cover

Maine International Film Festival Has New Home

The Maine International Film Festival is back with its 26th annual edition, which runs from Friday, July 7 to Sunday, July 16. Although MIFF has departed Railroad Square Cinema for new, swankier quarters a few blocks away, organizers still boast that the festival will offer 100 movies (features + shorts) in ten days and the “best popcorn in the known universe.” More


Six Maine Movies at MIFF

Beside the opening night feature Hangdog, six other Maine feature films will be shown at this year’s MIFF. They include four dramas and two documentaries. Most of these presentations are world premieres. More

Call of the Loon

Loon Ruminations

A core tenant of working with any animal is to avoid anthropomorphizing it, but when I see a loon giving me a serious side-eye before diving underwater, or hooting softly to its mate as they travel the coastline, or sending off a warning call as a plane flies overhead, I can’t help but assign them human experiences and emotions. More

Dams Report

Pond Levels Way Up

We’re starting summer this week with our pond water levels way above where we would like them to be. As I pen this week’s column, we’re having another downpour. Weather forcecasters predicted 0.27″ of precipitation for the day, and by midafternoon, we had already received 0.98″. More

Barkley On Books

Lucy’s in the Neighborhood

Lots of local color in language and pizza orders and those yummy Italian subs at Lucy’s in Lucy’s in the Neighborhood, Waterville novel by David M. Carew. The daily visit from the postman and weekly orders repeat and repeat along with those beasties from Abanaki Camp who devour everything in sight. More

Take It Outside

Grandkids on the Lake

There was a lot of rain last week, but during breaks in the weather, the boat ramps were busy as family groups fishing, swimming, tubing, etc. As the water in the lakes has been warming, the shallow areas are being taken over by kids of all ages, including lots of grandkids. More

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