June 30 – July 6, 2023Vol. 25, No. 3

Located on Main Street and Castonguay Square in Waterville, the Paul J. Schupf Art Center opened in December 2022. It boasts galleries for Ticonic Arts and the Colby College Museum of Art on the first floor and three cinemas and a rehearsal room for Waterville Opera House productions on the second. It is the new home of the Maine International Film Festival, which runs July 7–16 this year.

On the Cover

Freedoms of Summer

The freedom to be a kid…freedom to be outdoors…the freedom to pursue a sport…the freedom to join a crowd…the freedom to celebrate….Here’s to the freedoms of summer! More

Call of the Loon

The First Chick and An Abandoned Egg

This has been a very interesting week with our loons. We observed our first chick of the season in lower Long Pond but, once again, the parents once again, abandoned the second egg! Just like last year’s pair off the same nest. More

Dams Report

Turn Off the Rain!

We’ve been doing practically daily rain dances for the past five years of drought and I guess someone was listening all along, albeit a bit late! Enough is Enough!!!! Turn off the rain! More

Barkley On Books

Maine’s Hidden History

Stories about people usually hold my interest, how about you? My review will mention only a few from Harry Gatwick’s 122-page Hidden History of Maine, but I bet you will find every single person’s life worthwhile reading. More

Take It Outside

School’s Out, And So Are the Kids!

Last week was the first week of summer vacation for most schools in the area. Almost all of the summer camps and sporting camps are back to an almost normal schedule. These camps are not only very important to the local economy but often bring visitors from all over the country who learn the joys of living near a lake in Maine. More

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