July 28 – August 3, 2023Vol. 25, No. 7

Oakland’s Memorial Hall, shown from the south, is 150 years old this year. A campaign is underway to raise funds to restore and renovate this historic ediface. More

On the Cover

The Wishes in Our Midst

Wishes for a family…a forever home…food…a future for our children…clean, clear lakes… These are some of the many types of wishes that dedicated nonprofit organizations in Central Maine and beyond strive to fill. More


Updating Oakland’s Memorial Hall for the 21st Century

Built to honor the town’s Civil War dead, Oakland’s Memorial Hall has, at various times, hosted a bank, a post office, a Civil War veterans group, elementary school classes, town offices, the town library, church services, high school graduations, and much more. Now, at age 150, the town-owned building needs renovations so that it can continue to serve its community. More

7 Lakes Alliance

7 Lakes Alliance Honors Four With Conservation Award

Recently, the 7 Lakes Alliance honored four citizens from three of the Belgrade Lakes for their roles in founding the Youth Conservation Corps. The honorees were Jane Eberle of Great Pond and South Portland; Gerald Tipper of East Pond, Lenny Reich of Salmon Lake, and Bob Joly (posthumous). More

Call of the Loon

It Comes with the Territory

Last week, we were conducting a regular loon survey on Great Pond when we saw a single loon behaving somewhat unusually. It was staying above the water more than normal and hugging the shore. We decided to check that area, the island off Foster Point, a little more thoroughly than usual. More

Dams Report

Still Holding Our Own

Although it’s been another roller coaster of a week with daily forecasts of scattered thunderstorms, we actually faired fairly well. It could have been a lot worse, and our ponds are in excellent shape, despite the challenges. More

Barkley On Books

This Wild Land

This Wild Land by Baxter Park Ranger Andrew Vietze is a very popular community read. I wish I’d had a copy earlier to read during all that June rain, because friends were raving about it. Katahdin hovers in its grandness over almost every chapter. The Appalachian Trail thru hikers, day hikers and their lack of preparedness, personalities of rangers, and outdoor toilets are main characters. More

Take It Outside

Families Everywhere

It’s hard to believe this is already the seventh column of the summer. As the water has warmed into the high 70s, the trout fishing is slowing down, but the bass and pike are continuing to feed on schools of alewives. The bass are also hitting big Hex mayflies that are hatching in the evening and early morning. More

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