July 14 – 20, 2023Vol. 25, No. 5

Lakes are a source of tradition, such as the mailboat on Great Pond. Photo by Frank Barkley. More

On the Cover

Who Will Help the Lakes?

Maine’s lakes are legendary. An estimated 6,000 of them dot the landscape. A source of indescribable beauty, a substantial economic contributor to their communities, and a habitat for much of the state’s beloved wildlife, they deserve to be protected against diminishing water quality, invasive species, excessive watercraft wakes, and crowded development. More


A Second Helping of MIFF

Although the 26th annual Maine International Film Festival is winding down, there is still much to experience. The festival’s closing days will bring the visit of MIFF’s second special guest and a second chance to see all the Maine features and shorts. Other highlights of the second weekend include the Maine Student Film and Video Festival, a Maine filmmakers forum, and the Closing Celebration. More

More Movies

More Maine Shorts at MIFF

Last week, we described the Maine Documentary Shorts, but this year’s Maine International Film Festival has two other collections of Maine short films, Maine Narrative Shorts and Mostly Maine Horrors, which debuted on Thursday and will be shown again on Saturday. More

Call of the Loon

Why is Studying Loons Important?

As an intern with the BLA Loon Preservation Project here in the Belgrade Lakes, I often borrow a kayak to survey hard-to-reach places. Last Sunday, after a quick paddle to recover an abandoned loon egg, I met several kids who had lots of questions about the beautiful birds that they’d seen so often from their grandparents’ dock. After explaining what I could, I found myself unable to answer some of the family’s questions about what exactly would happen to the egg. So, this week’s story is for you guys! More

Dams Report

The Lakes Are Finally Warming Up

Well, the water is finally warming up a bit more to my liking!! Upper Long Pond is a delightful 80.6°F today (on the surface) and in my opinion, perfect! My toes will tell you that it is nowhere near 80°F down there but it’s all still very refreshing! More

Barkley On Books

Blueberries for Sal Cookbook

The newly published Blueberries for Sal Cookbook has all your favorite blue pen and ink drawings from the Robert McCloskey Caldecott Honor Classic of long ago, along with a collection of blueberry recipes that will make your mouth water. Breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas plus extra drinks and inbetween snacks that are healthy with blueberries. More

Take It Outside

Grandkids Can Catch Fish But Shouldn’t Eat Them!

The hot weather last week, combined with the 4th of July holiday, resulted in a lot of grandkids back out on the lake. There was a lot of swimming, tubing, and general cooling off in and near the water. I was encouraged to see a lot of youngsters out fishing with their families. More

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