August 4 – 10, 2023Vol. 25, No. 8

This spectacular beaver dam across Trout Creek at the northern end of Great Pond is about 75 feet long. Paddling through this area is a delightful excursion, but twenty feet beyond the entrance, the photographer’s canoe was blocked by the work of some of Maine’s finest engineers. Photo by Kay Overfield.

On the Cover

Celebrating Our Surroundings

Traditional Saturday night fare, iconic bird calls, outdoor concerts, summer theater, agricultural fairs, lake association meetings, business and community anniversaries, games, competitions and recreation. August is the high point of summery celebrations, of festivals, of get-togethers, some once-a-season traditions, some the end of a successful summer-long series, some for profit, some as benefits, some just for fun and free. More

7 Lakes Alliance

Boat Inspector Stops Invasive Curly-Leaf Pondweed

Courtesy Boat Inspectors (CBIs) are the Belgrade Lakes’ first line of defense against costly invasive aquatic plant infestations. Recently a CBI made a crucial save while working at the Great Pond boat launch, when she spotted and removed a piece of curly-leaf pondweed from the propeller of a boat from Massachusetts. More

Call of the Loon

A Very Succesful Evening of Banding

Last night, we had a very successful evening of banding six adult loons in Great Pond. Along with our two previous evening banding sessions over the past two weeks, our team has banded sixteen adults and one large chick, which is a credit to their logistics and expertise! More

Dams Report

Watching Out For Weather Warnings

I apologize for lulling everyone into a false sense of comfort with our forecast for this past week! Overall, our weather has been great, but — and there’s usually a BUT — we just received another warning of potentially severe storms and flooding from our the Kennebec County Emergency Management Agency. More

On the Water

Boating and Lakes’ Use Etiquette

The list of dos and don’ts is meant to familiarize lake users with the customary code of accepted behavior while boating. It is about doing one’s part to promote safety and what is generally socially acceptable while sharing the lake resource. More

Barkley On Books

A Senator’s Eye

Do not let politics scare you off from A Senator’s Eye, a photo album of fun situations and stories by Sen. Angus S. King. You will be amused and impressed by Maine’s Independent former governor and now for many years U.S. senator serving with Susan Collins. Motorcycles and Angus and Susan, yes it is all in this colorful, funny collection of commentary and photos to prove the reality. More

Take It Outside

Summer Is In Full Swing

We have finally had a week mostly without rain, although it’s been really hot and humid. That has gotten a lot of people into the water to cool off, including me. I am part of a 7 Lakes Alliance program called “Adopt-a-Shoreline.” Basically the program is to patrol your shorefront at least twice a summer from a small boat or by snorkeling to look for plants that weren’t there before. More

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