August 4 – 10, 2023Vol. 25, No. 8

A Senator’s Eye

by Martha F. Barkley

Do not let politics scare you off from A Senator’s Eye, a photo album of fun situations and stories by Sen. Angus S. King. You will be amused and impressed by Maine’s Independent former governor and now for many years U.S. senator serving with Susan Collins. Motorcycles and Angus and Susan, yes it is all in this colorful, funny collection of commentary and photos to prove the reality.

I really loved the lacrosse championship team pigging out on hot dogs and a proud father of one on the team saying it does not get better than this outside on a beautiful Maine evening.

Maine’s mountains and aquaculture are picture perfect with musings worth reading. The huge tuna in “Young Man and the Sea” proves the point that this is real work and real income for a week!

A bowling alley birthday in Brunswick just makes you smile with Senator King.

“If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a Veteran.” Great photo of Vet and King arm in arm.

From Bath Iron Works to Mooooooo! cows in Clinton, the whole state is covered. Islesboro lobsters to Rumford truck looking like take off to space, Fort Kent mush dogs to our own Travis Mills here in Rome…

D.C. photos make our Capitol city look civilized and beautiful through the eye of King’s camera. More photos and time spent on the exceptional work done in that town. “Lion of the Civil Rights Movement” John Lewis with Angus King. “In the Room Where It Happens” to “Rare View(s)” in D.C.

World travels, but always back home to Maine. The frosting of Winter in Maine and summer sunsets back home. Enjoy this book at Belgrade Library, purchased at Bull Moose in Waterville.

Webmaster’s Note: Senator King is donating the royalties from this book to the Good Shepherd Food Bank of Auburn.

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