August 4 – 10, 2023Vol. 25, No. 8

Boating and Lakes’ Use Etiquette

MISSION STATEMENT: To familiarize lake users with the customary code of accepted behavior while boating. It is about doing one’s part to promote safety and what is generally socially acceptable while sharing the lake resource.

  1. When launching or taking out your craft, respect the launch ramp areas and those working (milfoil inspectors) as well as other boaters. Offer your help, if needed, for we are all in this together.
  2. Keep the tunes and voices in check — sound travels loudly over water — especially at night.
  3. What you bring to the lake and take home from the lake. These waters are precious, carry in, carry out.
  4. Know the Rules of the Road. Powered boats must give way to all unpowered craft (paddle, rowed, sailed). SLOW DOWN and be aware of your wake. Know the meaning of all navigational and informational markers (buoys).
  5. Keep 200 feet minimum from shore and respect shoreline properties. Limit noise and rafting boats together that encroach on the serenity of any area. Headway speed only inside of 200 feet.
  6. While moving in a boat, always watch carefully for wildlife and stay away from sensitive nesting areas. Maintain safe speed and distance under all conditions.
  7. Be sensible. If it is a large lake, enjoy your activities in the less congested areas.
  8. Keep a close eye on the weather; summer thunderstorms can brew up quickly. DON’T delay getting off the lake.
  9. Maine law states that children ages 10 and under must wear a life jacket. The Maine Warden Service recommends everyone wear his or her life saving jackets when on the water. Leave alcohol on shore and never drink or drug before or during boat operations. Maine DUI laws apply on the water.
  10. Night boating presents potential hazards. Go slow, use proper lights, and be especially vigilant.
  11. Using Maine lakes carries with it a responsibility. Please take it seriously.


Distributed by Concerned Citizens of the Belgrade Lakes Region

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