August 25 – 31, 2023Vol. 25, No. 11

LifeFlight Training for Emergency Landing

Local first responders attend a LifeFlight training.

In an uncommon partnership, 7 Lakes Alliance, a conservation organization that saves lakes and lands, and LifeFlight of Maine, the state’s only air ambulance service, recently teamed up to benefit the well-being of Belgrade Lakes communities.

On August 17, LifeFlight kicked off events with a no-cost “Ground Safety and Users” course at the 7 Lakes Alliance building on Main Street in Belgrade Lakes Village. Emergency personnel from communities including Mt. Vernon, Belgrade, and Rome learned or refreshed their training on critical procedures for an emergency scene helicopter landing that provides ICU-level care to the patient. This included when to call LifeFlight, information needed by LifeFlight, how to create a safe landing zone from scratch, communications, and safety protocol around the helicopter.

The group then traveled to a field on a 119-acre, 7 Lakes conservation property near Drury Lane in Rome for field training with a live helicopter landing. Enthusiastic neighbors and community members watched in awe as a skilled LifeFlight crew landed an emergency-equipped helicopter in the field. As emergency staff and volunteers completed field training, LifeFlight crew members showed the state-of-the-art helicopter to visitors and shared LifeFlight’s mission with excited visitors of all ages. To complete the day, hikers climbed nearby Mt. Phillip in support of the Cross for LifeFlight, a fundraiser that supports LifeFlight’s lifesaving services.

LifeFlight helicopter. Photo courtesy of Pete Kallin, who helped lead the hike up Mt. Phillip.

The day’s events were both interesting and educational. “Preparedness goes a long way to keep people safe while they enjoy the spectacular conservation lands in our region.” said Noah Pollock, 7 Lakes Alliance Land Conservation Director. “But should someone need aid, we’re grateful for our knowledgeable and dedicated local first responders and, if needed, the critical care services of LifeFlight.”

Future collaboration will help add more official landing sites, including in remote areas near the Kennebec Highlands. Pollock also noted that 7 Lakes will in the coming weeks offer opportunities to learn about safety while enjoying the outdoors, including hiking safety during hunting season.

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