August 25 – 31, 2023Vol. 25, No. 11

End-of-Season Letter

In this view toward the east, one can see Long Pond, Belgrade Lakes Village, and Great Pond beyond. The village stretches out along Route 27, from the Sunset Grill on the far right (with a blue roof) to Day’s Store, the large, white clapboard building on the far left. Beyond the village, one can see the islands, peninsulas, and inlets of Great Pond: counterclockwise from the left, Hoyt Island (with Chute Island and the North Bay above it), Stony Point, Otter Island, Horse Point (right edge of the photo), Long Point, and Abena Point. Photo courtesy of Great Pond Marina.

Dear Summertimers,

One of the best endings of the season is saying how much we appreciate everyone who helps make Summertime in the Belgrades such a success.

We especially thank:

And so, on to Fall. Fall is not the note upon which summer ends. It is a more invigorating version of summer: still swimmable, definitely hikeable, full of pickings — berries, produce, apples and finally pumpkins — and a delightful transition from green surroundings to glorious foliage, from warm sunshine to warming woodfires.

May you have a good fall and winter…

The Summertime crew: Esther, Mike, Gregor, Corey and Ethan

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