August 18 – 24, 2023Vol. 25, No. 10

Memories Being Made

Nathan and Dave biking the “B” Trail.

by Pete Kallin

It’s hard to believe this is the penultimate issue of Summertime for the season. The summer is flying by and the papers are full of back-to-school specials.

Many of the roads entering our watershed have welcoming signs that describe it as a place “where memories are made.” There was definitely a lot of that going on last week.

We had over two dozen members of my wife’s family in from as far as Hong Kong for a family reunion of food, swimming, biking, listening to loon calls, etc. Lots of memories made! I know I’ll never forget by 4-year-old grandson, Bub, putting his “floaties” on and jumping off the swim dock and then turning to some of his more skeptical younger cousins he had just met for the first time and informing them, “Just put a life jacket on and jump in! It will hold you up.” They were not quite convinced but made it into the lake eventually along with their parents. I also overheard Bub turn to his mom while sharing a standup paddleboard with her and exclaim, “I love having fun on PopPop’s lake!” Another lasting memory.

Meanwhile, over on Messalonskee Lake, my friend J.J. Jurdak went out fishing with Mike Guarino along with a few members of his extended family, including 8-year-old grandson Wyatt Dambrie of Cumberland, ME and his Wyatt’s Uncle Joe Dambrie from Memphis, Tenn. They caught some nice bass and pike. You can tell by the smiles below that nice memories were being made.

Another trip with Mike last week included Jeremy Derby and his son, Ben, and his friend Miles Lucido from Geogetown, MA. I guarantee they won’t forget the big smallies — not an oxymoron! — they caught.

Take advantage of the rest of the summer and get out on the lakes or hike or bike in the hills. Take a kid along or a parent or grandparent. You will be creating memories that will last.

7 Lakes Alliance is hosting many interesting events, which are in the Community Calendar elsewhere in this paper. More info is available at the 7LA website.

Pick up a map of the local trails from the 7 Lakes Alliance at their building. Individual trail maps for most of the trails can be downloaded from their website. Try a new trail for a new adventure. Fogg Island can be accessed by water from Long Pond and by land from the parking lot off Spring Hill Road in Mt Vernon. It’s over 500 acres of really interesting, mostly wetland, habitat. And there are still high-bush blueberries on both sides of the boardwalk.

Josh, Emma, and Evie in my 1947 Old Town canoe.
Grandpa with Wyatt, Joe, and a nice bass.
Mike holding up a nice pike that Wyatt caught.
Jeremy Derby with big smallie.
Ben Derby with a smallie he won’t forget.
Miles with a memorable trophy smallmouth.

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