August 19 – 25, 2022Vol. 24, No. 11

Pete Kallin shared this photo of the Phillips family from Winslow and Waterville. Every August, Grandpa Jason (soaking his feet) rents a camp on Long Pond’s Timber Point, “so the kids and grandkids can enjoy the lake before work and school interfere. They fished from Timber Point up to Day’s Store, where they tied up at the new docks to eat takeout lunch from Day’s. The kids caught more fish from the dock than they did from the boat. Everyone had a great time and plan to be back next year.”

On the Cover

2022: A Summer of Super Moments

This summer had super moments for recreation, for celebration, for crowds, for solitude, for walking towns or country trails, and for eating ice cream. There were super moments when the weather was just right for everything outdoors, and other moments when the weather wasn’t right at all, but super times were enjoyed anyway with the return of indoor events. More


End-of-Season Letter

Thank you for making Summertime in the Belgrades so rewarding to publish this welcome 2022 season. Thank you for reading and enjoying our small newspaper that links this diverse area together and seemingly flies off the shelf every week. More

Call of the Loon

Is This Molting or Is This Permanent?

Loons keep their gray winter plumage from late October through early March. When they molt back into their summer breeding plumage, they lose their flight feathers from the previous year. Thus, they are completely flightless for about a month while on their wintering territory. More

Dams Report

Final Dams Keeper Report for the Season

Whoever said, “Summer in Maine is nothing but two weeks of bad sledding,” wasn’t too far off the mark! It seems like summer should be getting longer with all of that global warming, but here we are regardless. As of this writing, all of our ponds are well into their summer mode, just trying to maintain the levels we have. More

7 Lakes Alliance

Was Summer Back?

Was it just me? Or was summer BACK? Part of that feeling, for me, came from the time I spent on and around the water as part of my new post with 7 Lakes Alliance. With an insider’s view, I’m even more impressed by the yeoman’s work this small nonprofit performs to conserve the region’s waters and the lands. More


Gaslight Theater Presents Whales of August

Gaslight Theater is pleased to present its second play of the summer and its first indoor production since the start of the pandemic. On Friday, August 26, Whales of August will open in Hallowell City Hall Auditorium, Gaslight’s traditional venue. More

Barkley On Books

Landslide: A Novel by Susan Conley

“The afternoon had the yellow, glassy light that we get in late August in Maine, and the heat felt loose around my body so it was still possible to pretend summer wouldn’t be overshadowed by fall.” If teens are in your family, you may find the constant tension with parents a release somehow in reading this novel by a Maine native. More

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