July 22 – 28, 2022Vol. 24, No. 7

Four sailboats moored in Mill Stream, a.ka. “The Channel,” which leads from Great Pond to Belgrade Lakes Village. Photo courtesy of the 7 Lakes Alliance.

Call of the Loon

The Alarming Egg Abandonment

Why are many of our loons abandoning their second egg? Your Belgrade Lakes Association Loon Preservation Project’s volunteers have collected ten abandoned loon eggs so far this year, which is very unsettling, and the breeding season is not over. More

Dams Report

Water Over the Dam

I heard an old phrase this past week, which I haven’t heard since I was a teenager and as I recall, it was a very common reply from my Mom for just about everything! “That’s water over the dam, honey!!!” So that got me laughing as now I am up to my ears in this dam business!! More

7 Lakes Alliance

LakeSmart is Water Quality Smart

Climate change is impacting water quality in the Belgrade Lakes watershed. That underscores the need to stabilize water quality in the region’s streams and lakes. One imminently doable action shorefront property owners can take is to make their properties “LakeSmart.” More

Barkley On Books

Two Maine State Reads: Sigh, Gone and Beneficence

Both Sigh, Gone: A Misfit’s Memoir of Great Books, Punk Rock, and the Fight to Fit In by Phuc Tran and Beneficence: A Novel by Meredith Hall are Portland area stories. Beneficence is about a loving family of five living ideally on a farm west of Portland. The memoir Sigh, Gone is by a twenty year Latin teacher who fled Vietnam along with his extended family. More

Real Estate

Limited Space for Multiple Generations: Now What?

Throughout the 1900s the family bought or built a summer, lakeside retreat in the Belgrade Lakes. After many years, the dynamics have changed. Several generations of children are grown with kids of their own, and they all want to spend time at the family lakehouse…together! While it sits on a beautiful plot on the shore of the lake, it’s a camp with a funky floor plan and limited space. Now what? More

Take It Outside

Counting Loons

The third Saturday in July is the annual loon count in Maine, coordinated by Maine Audubon. This year’s count took place on July 16. It was the 39th annual count in this important ongoing citizen-science project dedicated to better understanding one of Maine’s most iconic birds. More

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