August 12 – 18, 2022Vol. 24, No. 10

People cluster around a lemonade stand in Belgrade Lakes Village. Day’s Store is in the background. More

On the Cover

Selling Lemonade…Saving Lakes

Four the past four years, three young volunteers have been serving our lake with the money raised from their lemonade stand for the past four years. This year was their most successful yet. More


A House of Dreams: Celebrating Railroad Square Cinema

Founded in 1978, Railroad Square Cinema was born out of a love of movies and the desire of its founders not to be limited to watching what was being shown at the local cineplex. The can-do, art house cinema is slated to close in December, when the Schupf Art Center, which will contain three screening rooms, is expected to open. More

The Luckiest Boy

Fishin’ with Charles, Part II

We hope you enjoyed last week’s “Fishin’ with Charles” story. In this week’s conclusion, Charles and his charges catch some fish on Great Pond and enjoy a nice lunch on Oak Island. More

Dams Report

Lake Levels Still Holding

Our dry, beautiful summer conditions are just beginning to take their toll on the water levels. The scattered and very sporadic afternoon showers do limit phosphorous runoff into our ponds but just do not provide enough precipitation to keep our water levels where we would like them to be. More

Call of the Loon

If You Get This “Look,” You’re Too Close!

We all know that our loon population is threatened by numerous factors, but human interference should not be one of them. When you see a loon exhibiting any of the below postures, it’s time to vacate the area and give them their space. More

7 Lakes Alliance

East Pond Alum Update

When I arrived on East Pond in 2007, the cause of the lake’s frequent algae blooms was not well understood until a lot of smart people stepped in to tackle the problem, which turned out to be high levels of phosphorus in the lake’s sediment. After much scientific analysis, an alum treatment was proposed. More

Barkley On Books

Andrew Wyeth: A Secret Life, by Richard Meryman

Did you ever read a book years ago and when it comes up you recall it distinctly? I read this biography of Wyeth in the 1990s sometime, and memories are vivid about its story of an artist and his family of artists, father and son. N.C. Wyeth’s dark oil paintings were on covers of many classic children books, like Treasure Island. More

Real Estate

Sadly Missing Millie the Moose

On June 22, a young moose showed up behind the Lakepoint Real Estate building. It was in this area of Great Pond that she made her home. Millie stole the hearts of residents and visitors of our town. It is not often that a moose takes up residence in our area. More

Take It Outside

Picnic at Fogg Island

It’s hard to believe this is the penultimate edition of Summertime! Last weekend, my wife and I packed a picnic lunch, got in the boat, and headed to 7 Lakes Alliance’s Fogg Island Preserve on the Mount Vernon side of Lower Long Pond, a bit south of Ingham Stream. More

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