August 5 – 11, 2022Vol. 24, No. 9

An Amish buggy with a canoe strapped to the top is driven down the road. More

On the Cover

Newest Neighbors, Oldest Values

Have you had to do a double take then slow down for a horse and buggy while traveling the roads this summer? Well, you are not alone. Mercer welcomed the four Amish families in the past two years and they have established themselves as industrious members of the community. More

The Luckiest Boy

Fishin’ with Charles, Part I

In August 1939, Belgrade fishing guide Charles Brown gets ready to take a couple of “sports” from out of state on a daylong fishing expedition on Great Pond. More

Call of the Loon

Why Do Loons Chicks Ride on Their Parent’s Back?

Once the chicks hatch, they ride on their parent’s back for the first two to three weeks of life. Back riding protects them from underwater predators and keeps them warm when they snuggle into the soft down under their parent’s wings. More

Dams Report

The Variables of Measurement

We had an interesting question this past week: “You stated that the water level at Long Pond’s Wings Mill dam was 1.4″ above full pond but our ‘measuring rock’ is now totally under water. Something is not right for this time of year?” More

7 Lakes Alliance

Wake No More!

In On Golden Pond, when young Billy asks crotchety old Norman Thayer if his boat is fast, the latter drops the throttle and the boat rockets forward, creating a wicked wake. But On Golden Pond was made 41 years ago. Today there’s a greater understanding of how wakes crashing into shorelines can harm the health of lakes. More

Barkley On Books

The Lobster Coast, by Colin Woodard

A Waterville native, the writer Colin Woodard reached out to numerous coastal specialists and did his research thoroughly. Since I love history, the in-depth footnotes at the end are even fun to peruse and the index helps to guide the reader to the Augusta/Belfast part of the story. More

Take It Outside

Transpiring, Recyclable, Energy Efficient, Stormwater System

If you have ever sheltered under a tree during a rainstorm, you know that trees do a great job of protecting the land under them. When the large raindrops hit the leaves, they break up into many little droplets that continue to fall towards the ground, breaking up into ever smaller droplets as they hit more layers of vegetation. More

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