July 15 – 21, 2022Vol. 24, No. 6

Cass Buggé in “Hug Lottery,” one of the Maine Narrative Shorts in this year’s Maine International Film Festival. You’ll get a second chance to see “Hug Lottery” and the other Maine films on the festival’s second Saturday. More

On the Cover

Make A Date With Outdoor Music

Attending outdoor concerts in central Maine is as good as it gets for a summer outing. Most events are free and family-friendly, and they all provide a scenic, sociable setting in picturesque towns or villages, near views of water and reached by routes that wind through a countryside tapestry of woods, fields, and lakes More


Still Much to See in Film Festival’s Waning Days

Highlights of MIFF’s closing weekend include presentations of Mid-Life and Lifetime Achievement Awards, second screenings of Maine features and shorts, a screening and panel discussion about domestic violence and the legal system, and the debut of new work from Judy Irving, director of the wildly successful Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill. More


Happy 120th to Waterville City Hall and Opera House!

Waterville’s City Hall and Opera House recently reached their 120th birthday. The Colonial Revival building was dedicated June 23, 1902 during a three-day celebration the centennial of Waterville’s having separated from Winslow in 1802. More

The Luckiest Boy

Boat Knots and Dockin’

If you are around boats, either as an owner or a guest, lines and knots are important. From what I’ve seen — many of our readers have not learned how to tie their boat to a dock in a secure but simple fashion. I see concoctions of knots that may or may not be secure, but sure are worth a good chuckle. More

Call of the Loon

Swimming Underwater

A reader asked, “How long can loons stay underwater and how fast can they swim underwater?” Keep reading for the answer and for pictures of loons swimming underwater. More

Dams Report

Why Do We Need Certain Water Levels?

We received an interesting question from one of our readers this past week which still has me scratching my head! “Why do we need to have the water levels at a certain level and whose idea was it?” More

7 Lakes Alliance

7 Lakes Alliance Confronts Watershed Threats, Part II

The challenges confronting the Belgrade Lakes watershed — lakes deemed impaired or threatened, invasive plants, development that is not sustainable, climate change — appear dire. But there is cause for hope. More

Barkley On Books

Basic Flower Painting: Techniques in Watercolor

The sunflower on the cover caught my eye. The sunflower has new significance since the war broke out in Ukraine where the national flower grows abundantly. I love paintings, and this flowery book has over 125 samples of lush colors of petals from every kind of flower in your summer garden. More

Take It Outside

Independence Day!

Summer continues to fly by. Last week began with Fourth of July and some of my family in town for a cookout and “chillin’” in the lake. The next morning, my older daughter Barb and I went out for my annual July 5th, post-fireworks, cleanup cruise. More

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