August 20 – 31, 2021Vol. 23, No. 11

End-of-Season Letter

Dear Readers:

You were the heroes of the summer. You were presented with a great season in a great resort region and you ran with it, boated with it, hiked with it, swam with it. You enjoyed the freedom of the pandemic respite. You made the outdoors the new indoors. You appreciatively visited the towns and villages. You shopped and bought. You prudently attended events. And you were very complimentary and supportive of Summertime in the Belgrades. Thank you, always.

To our staff, our columnists, our contributors and our printing connection, you were all amazing. You kept the schedule running smoothly, you provided an abundance of news coverage and timely observations, and you helped keep our large readership connected to the region and the season. Thank you for another successful summer and for sharing your passions, your expertise, your time, your advice, and your well-crafted words.

To our advertisers who are the drivers of Summertime in the Belgrades, thank you for making our publication possible, for being part of Summertime in the Belgrades.

As summer pivots into fall and our lives pivot, too, well we're just going to follow our own advice: enjoy the lingering season, catch those warming rays, work some lakestyle play into busy school and sports schedules, watch the leaves float…

Don't forget fall and winter are full of opportunities for rigorous — or otherwise — outdoor recreation and sports, for strolling along the sidewalks or shopping in the stores and eateries of historic downtowns or for simply sitting outside and dreaming.

May one of those dreams be of next summer here in the Belgrades.

The Summertime in the Belgrades crew:
Esther, Corey, Ethan, Michael, Gregor

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