July 30 – August 5, 2021Vol. 23, No. 8

Borderline Express entertains the crowd at this year'sTaste of Waterville, one of the community events coming back in 2021. More

On the Cover

Community Events Make A Comeback

As the pandemic eases, seasonal contests, festivals and gatherings that pivot around community traditions, from single-day to week-long events, are making a welcome comeback. The loon-calling contest in Belgrade Lakes Village is just one of these. More

Call of the Loon

Monitoring the Chicks

This is the season for loon chicks throughout the Northeast and, as we stated last week, it's been a good and productive summer here in the Belgrades, at least loon-wise! We are now monitoring eleven chicks in Great and Long Ponds, which is great compared to the four that fledged last year. More

Take It Outside

Counting Loons

The third Saturday in July is the annual loon count in Maine, coordinated by Maine Audubon. This year's count took place July 17. It was the 38th annual count in this important ongoing citizen-science project dedicated to better understanding one of Maine's most iconic birds. More

Conservation Too

More on Invasive Plants

An invasive plant is not native to a particular area; can cause harm to the environment, the economy, or human health; and can establish and spread in natural areas. While only a small fraction of our non native plants are considered invasive, once you learn recognize a few of them, you'll find that they seem to be everywhere. More

On the Lakes

Courtesy Boat Inspector Keeps Milfoil Out of Long Pond

A routine shift at a boat launch took an unexpected turn recently for 7 Lakes Alliance Courtesy Boat Inspector Jarvin DeHaven. Upon inspecting a boat about to enter Long Pond, DeHaven quickly identified two, one-foot long sections of a suspicious plant that he thought likely to be invasive milfoil. More

Dams Report

Ponds Are All Full Now

The ponds are all full now. We don't need any more rain! So much for the drought — at least here in the Belgrades. Long Pond and Great Pond are both more than 3″ above full. More

Barkley On Books

Finding Freedom

The Lost Kitchen is a thriving small restaurant, seating 40 guests only, in nearby Freedom, Maine in the middle of nowhere, yet known around the world. Talk to anyone who has had a meal cooked by Erin French, author of this autobiography, and you will be envious of her dinner delights. More


Drive Out To A Drive-In

New, small and nearby, the Narrow Gauge Drive-In in Farmington offers the perfect family movie night outing: a scenic drive, a small town setting, a good film and a unique experience. With only 325 or so drive-in theaters left in the United States and only seven in Maine, a drive-in outing is as much historic adventure as it is entertainment. More