August 20 – 31, 2021Vol. 23, No. 11

Saving Scenic Land That Overlooks Great Pond

A beloved and dedicated surgeon whose belief in serving others took him to Haiti to provide critically needed medical services, Richard McCann for decades spent summers with family on Hoyt's Island. He grew up in Yarmouth, Maine and attended Camp Bomazeen; buying his own "camp" on Great Pond was truly coming home.

Richard shared with others in the Belgrade Lakes community an increasing awareness that the health of lands and lakes are closely intertwined. He understood this connection through his daily runs throughout the local landscape and by windsurfing, paddling, and fishing with family and friends. His bird's-eye view as a pilot gave him a valuable perspective on this interconnection between lands and waters. He understood that lands protect water quality, buffering the lake erosion and keeping algae-feeding phosphorus it carries from turning lakes green.

To honor Richard's memory, the McCann family has pledged to help 7 Lakes Alliance forever conserve the 119-acre Blaisdell property in Rome, overlooking Great Pond in the heart of a corridor/ trail planned to connect The Mountain and Mt. Phillip to benefit the Belgrade Lakes community, wildlife and water quality.

The McCanns have pledged $40,000 to complete acquisition funding if 7 Lakes can raise $40,000 in matching funds by September 15, 2021. This would enable 7 Lakes to focus on conservation and trail development. Learn how you can help meet this challenge for this community resource by reading the prospectus or calling (207) 495‑6039.

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