July 16 – 22, 2021Vol. 23, No. 6

The Loneliness of the Bones, an Argentinian documentary about an American biologist who moves to Tierra del Fuego in the 1960s and collects plant specimens and whale and dolphin bones, is one of the movies you'll get a second chance to see during the Maine International Film Festival's closing days. More

On the Cover

Flag Up? Diver Down!

Steer clear! That red flag with the white stripe fluttering over the water has a message for boaters and it means stay away — at least 100 yards away. A diver is usually down there somewhere beneath the surface and if there is a dive boat nearby it might not be able to get out of the way. More

On the Road

Giant Trolls Invade Boothbay

Are you looking for a nice day trip? Why not take a drive down scenic Maine roads to see "Guardians of the Seeds," an exhibit of five giant trolls that were installed at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay this past spring. More


Still More at MIFF 24

During the last three days of this year's Maine International Film Festival, two fictional features and one quasi-documentary will be premiered; six features that debuted earlier in the week will be shown again; the Maine Student Film and Video Festival will present its awards; and the Kneeling Art Photography Project will finish its run. More

The Luckiest Boy

Fishin' off the Bridge

An old photo prompted this recollection. It was perhaps 1957, give or take a year. The bridge is our one and only in Belgrade Lakes Village. And you may also recognize one or more of the kids showing off their catch. More

Call of the Loon

Banding Loons

Last night we had a very successful evening of banding six adult loons in Great Pond. Last year, we banded seven birds, five in Long Pond and two on Great Pond, over two nights, so six birds in one evening was indeed, a very productive evening. More

Dams Report

Will the Coming Rain Bring Change?

What a week of BAD weather we've had! A cold and rainy 4th was not what the Chamber of Commerce was talking about a month ago! You would think that with all of this precipitation our ponds would be over flowing, but surprisingly, they are NOT! More

Barkley On Books

Maine Quilts

i>Maine Quilts: 250 Years of Comfort and Community was written by Laureen A. LaBar. Essays within this lovely, colorful collection of quilts are by Lynne Z. Bassett and Pamela Weeks. It was quite a find for me to purchase this book on Main Street in Waterville. More

Take It Outside

Fishing, Foraging, and Hiking!

It's hard to believe this is already the sixth column of the summer. We have finally gotten some cooler weather and a bit of much-needed rain that has both cooled the lakes off a bit and stimulated the growth of wild berries and mushrooms in the woods. More