July 9 – 15, 2021Vol. 23, No. 5

A toppled tree along the shore of Long Pond in Belgrade Lakes Village, one of many uprooted by hurricane-force winds during a severe thunderstorm on June&nbps;30. The storm killed one person, felled around 300 large trees, and damaged half a dozen buildings. Photo by Dick Greenan. More

Community Update

When The Storm Came

There are tales in Belgrade of storms past — hurricanes with names that brought fear and destruction, that were predicted approaching, and covered a broad path for hours. The storm of 2021 was different, a swift one that came up unpredictably, wrecked havoc quickly, and left a mess in a very narrow corridor … and it didn't even have a name More


Film Festival Turns 24

The Maine International Film Festival is back! This year, MIFF will present 18 new feature films, two remastered classics, and four collections of shorts. Screenings will take place July 9 – 18, at the Waterville Opera House, at Railroad Square Cinemas in Waterville, at the Skowhegan Drive-In, and online. More

Arts Extra

Documentaries Dominate at This Year's MIFF

Each of the features in this year's Maine International Film Festival is a premiere of some sort (Maine, New England, Eastern U.S., North American, World) and documentaries dominate. Fully two thirds of the new features are non-fiction. More

The Luckiest Boy

Old Phil and the Old Dump

We Homo sapiens have always created a lot of waste. In the 1950s, '60s, and '70s the Belgrade town dump was on the Chandler Road. It was open 24/7 in the earlier years, but as time went on, hours were established and the dump was "tended". Our dump guy, no offense intended, was Old Phil. More

Call of the Loon

Please Give Loons Their Space

Many of our loon volunteers have noted a recent increased presence of "rubber-neckers" around our nesting loons. We all understand and appreciate that folks all want to see "the nest," but, as stated earlier, our loons need their privacy and security even more while nesting. More


Luna Moth

Glorious green-winged Luna Moth / Has but a week to live / To find a mate and reproduce / A mother's life so sweet and brave More

Dams Report

Unsettled Forecast — Look Out The Window!

Well, we can throw out the long-term forecast that the Dams Committee has been following for the past few years, as we are obviously back to more normal summertime afternoon showers — and the occasional downburst, wind shear, or whatever the meteorologists will ultimately call this historic Village weather event! More

Barkley On Books

The Quotable Moose

The Quotable Moose: A Contemporary Maine Reader, edited by Wesley McNair, is a collection of writings by many of your favorite Maine writers, some poets and some not. More

Take It Outside

Water Quality Monitoring Has Its Rewards

Last week, Mother Nature reminded us all how much power she can generate sometimes and how quickly she can change things up. These intense weather events can also affect water quality in our lakes, rivers, and streams. More