August 13 – 19, 2021Vol. 23, No. 10

Saturday Water Olympics 2021

by Martha F. Barkley

Yes, Tokyo television coverage was exciting, but out my window on Great Pond it began soon after 9 a.m. with John in the mailboat. There he was with his friendly wave and dependable delivery, rain or shine. Sometimes tourists on board, even during rough or rainy weather.

Today is a sunny Saturday, so Tokyo Olympic crew teams are terrific, but along our shoreline glides by 19 kayak or water board girls from Camp Runoia. Quite a flotilla with more friendly smiles and hellos. I ask them about the sailboats over at Pine Island and they said the three boats today were from Runoia as well.

Upon their return they are greeted by the Runoia water skiing boat. Photos are taken by Pam as Mark drives the boat with Runoia campers on board.

Down towards Horse Point, the Great Pond Yacht Club must be having their competition today, because the sails number more than twenty from my count afar. They sail and sail in that area for several hours before busting out into the larger lake for a free for all. One green sailboat heads right towards our shore and then tacks its sails in a flurry back towards Oak Island. The sound of the wind in the sails caught my attention.

It is a wonder to see so many pontoons and small motor boats out amongst the activity of our Saturday Great Pond Olympics 2021. Boaters of all kinds were waiting for a pleasant day like today to sail and motor and kayak and canoe. Those July rainy days put this activity off for many.

The COVID Olympics in Tokyo just does not compare to our Great Pond fun in the sun this Saturday. I watched from my dock and found it thrilling. Even Alfonds yellow pedal boat slowly went by with two men discussing their business in low tones.

Some Bear Spring Camps boaters came to fish our deep, rocky shores and ended up helping us retrieve a lure lost on a log down under. Such friendly fishing folks make summer fly fishing from our dock a pleasure. He dove down and brought up our lost lure. When we were younger, we could scuba and retrieve ourselves, but now in our mature status we find others to help. Comparing our catches was fun. What else do fishing folks talked about?

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