July 31 – August 6, 2020Vol. 22, No. 8

Nearly Normal

by Dick Greenan

Well, it looks like we are finally back to a fairly normal summer with the occasional afternoon shower. Anything close to "normal" is such a blessing nowadays!

As I write this week's column, we have received a 1.3" of rain in the past ten days and are now forecasted for 0.60" of precipitation for the next 10 days, so all is good. It's not quite keeping up with the evaporation rates, but we'll take it.

Great Pond is currently 2.28" above full pond with Long Pond slight less, at 1.08" above full pond. Salmon Lake is holding about 2" below full, as are our neighbors on Snow Pond. These numbers are such a relief to your Dams Committee that has been struggling with drought conditions for the past five years. A relatively normal Maine summer is nice for a change!

The "permanent" repair on Wings Mill has been delayed another week due to the need for a larger floating cofferdam to deter the water flow while they do the reconstruction. There is a lot that goes into this so a slight delay is fully understandable.

Enjoy the family, your vacation and this incredibly beautiful weather! And remember, the occasional showers are a blessing!

Dick Greenan is secretary to the Belgrade Lakes Watershed Dams Committee. He submitted this report on 7/23/2020.

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