August 7 – 13, 2020Vol. 22, No. 9

Black ducks on the rocks at Tracy Cove in Long Pond at sunrise. Photo by Pete Kallin.

On the Cover

Where in the World are the Belgrades?

There are nine Belgrades in the world. Seven are in the United States. The Belgrades range from the original one, Belgrade, Serbia, which has more people than the entire state of Maine, to Belgrade, Texas, which is billed as a ghost town. More

Community Update

Snapshot of Belgrade

So, not quite what I was expecting in my first year as Belgrade's town manager. But I'm a relentlessly butter-side-up person. If I must endure a pandemic, there's no place I'd rather do that than in Belgrade, Maine. That's because of our abundance of blessings that salve the soul despite our being unable to live, play, and work as we'd like. More

The Luckiest Boy

Historical Memoirs from Belgrade Lakes Native Bill Pulsifer

At age 85, Bill Pulsifer and his wife Marie live in the same house in that he was raised in. His knowledge and sharp memories are often called upon to confirm or deny some historical question. Bill is our Belgrade Lakes expert and knows much about the other Belgrade villages as well. When I asked him about the old boathouse that was on his family property, now torn down, I got more than I could have hoped for. More

Book Review

Paris, Maine and Plymouth, Vermont

Two places to visit with outdoor tramping grounds and rural life at its best, Paris and Plymouth, not that far away. Lincoln Vice President Hannibal Hamlin was born in Paris, Maine, and Plymouth, Vermont has the President Calvin Coolidge Homestead and burial site. More

Dams Report

We Really Need Rain!

We have received a paltry 0.33" of rain in the past ten days and are forecasted to receive 1.25" of precipitation for the next 10 days, if it does happen. We'll take anything we can get because we really need it. Great Pond is currently 2.04" above full pond, with Long Pond holding right at full pond. While Snow Pond is in still in relatively good shape at 2.5" below full, Salmon is really feeling the effects of this heat and is now 6" below full. Hopefully rain in the coming week will help us all. More

Take It Outside

Fishing and Hiking

Summer is racing by. As the State eases COVID restrictions, more and more visitors are returning to our area. Evidence continues to mount that being outside is much safer than being inside. The trailheads at the local trails are showing more and more out-of-state plates and many more families hiking together. Similarly, there are more boats on the lakes every day and more and more people in the water swimming, sailing, and tubing. More