July 10 – 16, 2020Vol. 22, No. 5

Shane Paul McGhie (L) and Richard Jenkins star in The Last Shift, the Closing Night Film at this year's Maine International Film Festival More

On the Cover

When a State Turns 200

When a state turns 200, history steps up, fascinating facts emerge, timelines are charted, fictions flow, and anecdotes make headlines. When a state turns 200 and the big birthday party is postponed a year and a day, the qualities to be celebrated remain undiminished. All it takes is a quick look around, a short drive around, a brief commune with the outdoors to understand why the state is called "the great state of Maine." More

Community Update

Augusta: Maine's Awesome Capital

In the bicentennial year and every year a visit to Maine's capital is a living history experience. Much from the state's exploration, settlement and statehood is presented and preserved in the three historic focal points of the scenic City of Augusta. More


Seven Movies for Seven Nights

The Maine International Film Festival is well underway, with three nights down and seven more to go. MIFF will present a different movie on each of the seven nights at the Skowhegan Drive-In. All seven films are premieres, and all but one were completed this year or last. More

The Luckiest Boy

Fish Stories

Haven't we all heard a few? In the good old State of Maine stories abound of fish being caught — and many of the ones that got away. Many stories may have some truth to them, but as we know, all fishermen are liars except you and me. More

Book Review

Water Village

Written by our very own Belgrade Village historian, Earl Smith, Water Village: The Story of Waterville, Maine, is a splendid read for the bicentennial of Maine's statehood. Although the pandemic has cancelled many of the gatherings to celebrate this momentous event in 2020, reading our unique Maine history can easily consume our leisure summer days. More

Dams Report

Hallelujah! Rain at Last!

Halleluiah!!! Finally, we received some measurable precipitation here in the Belgrades! As this report is penned, we had just received 2.71" of rain in the past four days and are forecasted for another 1.07" for the next 10 days. We really need it! More

Take It Outside

Nearby Wilderness Fishing Adventure

Last week, we finally got some much-needed rain. On one of the hot days before the rains came, I decided to hike into one of the remote ponds in the Kennebec Highlands to do a bit of fishing. I grabbed an ultralight spinning rod, a handful of lures, and a landing net that fit in my back. I started off on the Sanders Hill Trail and then bushwhacked to my destination, arriving after a roughly ½-hour hike. More