August 21 – Sept. 30, 2020Vol. 22, No. 11

End of Season Letter

A scraggly birch tree on an islet off the southern tip of Great Pond's Oak Island glows orange in the rays of the setting sun. Photo by Gregor Smith.

Dear Readers:

You did it! All of you. You got through the summer of 2020 pretty darn well, you hugged the outdoors, you kept your distance, you wore masks, you read Summertime in the Belgrades, and we thank you.

Our columnists did it, and we thank them. They kept the columns coming; they kept everyone informed and entertained. They provided dozens of tips on how to partake and profit from the great outdoors, from childhood shenanigans (Rod Johnson); to reading great books on the dock (Martha Barkley); to hiking, boating, fishing, greeting guests and inviting everyone else to enjoy the outdoors — with kids — every single day (Pete Kallin); to tips about conservation (Dale Finseth); to the fractional facts and enthusiatic loon observations of dam keeping (Dick Greenan).

We also thank the many individuals, associations, trusts, friends and organizations who work with so much dedication to promote the protection and preservation of this very beautiful, very special region of the world.

Most of all we thank our advertisers for keeping us afloat, for endorsing Summertime, for encouraging and appreciating our promotion of the region. You are all great and special and ever so flexible and innovative with the cautions and precautions of COVID-19.

As always thanks is due our staff who work so hard while juggling other lives and to our young troopers, Ethan and Corey, who live the Summertime life.

Don't forget fall and winter are full of opportunities for outdoor recreation and sports, strolling along the sidewalks of historic downtowns, or simply sitting outside.

Always remember masks.

The Summertime crew: Esther, Corey, Ethan, Michael, Gregor

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