August 20 – 31, 2021Vol. 23, No. 11

Let This Summer Linger

by Esther J. Perne

Loons rafting…people flocking to agricultural fairs…leaves floating silently downward…goodbyes echoing across lakes.

The summer of 2021 is gradually winding down, giving way to exciting changes outdoors and unpredictable parameters indoors.

But first, there's still time to enjoy many of the qualities that summer provides and to enjoy any outlets that were missed.

There's still time left to a season that was a good one — a respite from the circling pandemic, an oasis of simple, peaceful pursuits, a center for weather where "wait a minute" and the day will change — and it did.

In other words, a summer to hang on to.

Hang on to the swimming — yes, late (even later) summer is swimmable, brisk maybe but well worth the plunge. Hang on to the hiking — discover a trail not followed before or a familiar one with new open views. Hang on to the everything outdoors lifestyle — just add wool sweaters, slickers, socks, vests. Hang on to the peacefulness and closeness to nature and the family togetherness that this summer — especially — represents. And hang on to the knowledge that here there is a place to return to.

Let this summer linger so all the fall projects can for once be done early, the work of woodstacking and winterizing and cleaning and gleaning finished before the glorious days of fall tug us to other pursuits.

Let this summer linger in memories — memories stockpiled against boring board meetings, against too much screen time, against being housebound with children, against homesickness for summer.

Let this summer linger until it's summertime again.

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